A Divers Watch For Everyday Use

Luminox Navy Seal Divers Watch is an impressive timepiece made with attention to the most intimate detail for assurance of high performance standards. Made famous by the remarkable United States Navy Seals, this watch has become a piece of standard military equipment because of it’s cutting edge technology that retains impeccable accuracy during extreme performance periods as well as having an unquestionable reliability for everyday use.

luminox navy seal dive watchIn 1994, a United States Navy Procurement officer requested Luminox to produce a watch that would be functional during night missions. To answer that need, the divers watch was created with a revolutionary self-powered illumination driven by tiny gas lights (actually borosilicate glass capsules) that retain their luminosity for up to twenty five years. These lights allow the wearer instant readability at a glance under any conditions, including complete darkness. This feature alone has made these dive watches the measure of excellence for high performance timepieces.

Required to meet additional manufacturing steps not required of other watches, these Swiss made and handcrafted watches are constructed with precision jeweled Swiss movements for timekeeping accuracy. Shock resistant, the Navy Seal divers watches are water resistant up to at least 500 meters (about 1,500 feet).

If you dive in deep waters, it’s recommended to have the water resistance tested at least annually to ensure it is functioning at full capacity. However, you shouldn’t experience and problems, because these watches are manufactured according to extremely high quality standards.

These watches are definitely a way to show your innate desire for the more exclusive and distinctive things in life. Since the Luminox watches meet the high quality standards for the finest military leaders and members of the unsurpassed Navy Seals units, a Luminox divers watch makes a smart choice even for civilians for everyday use.

With plenty of ultramodern fashionable looks, the Luminox Navy Seals divers watch is available in a myriad of dial face colors that include black, blue, yellow, orange and green. Some very rugged models have carbon fiber technology tempered with stainless steel for a solid resilience that stands up to any test of their boundaries.

The innovative designs displayed on these well built divers watches allow space for plenty of valuable gauges helpful for application at sea, in the air, or on land. With those distinct functions available on such gorgeous fine timepiece motifs, you may have a real problem in deciding which watch to pick first. With any choice of a Luminox divers watch you can rest assured that you’re picking a finely executed quality piece of craftsmanship.